Sunday, April 24, 2011

Anniversary Giveaway!

This past week, The Compleatly Dressed Anachronist turned 3! To celebrate, I'm giving one reader this:

A hand-made (by yours truly) medium-weight, 100% linen veil (perfect for any time of year), hemmed with 100% silk thread. The veil is an oval measuring (roughly) 32" x 40", which is an ideal size for an all-day veil. This veil is a great way to impress your friends with your awesome stylishness! It would even make a great gift!

HOW TO ENTER: I'm making this really easy! Simply add a comment to this post that includes:
  • Your (mundane) geographic location, and
  • A brief statement about why you need or would like the veil.
You must enter by 11:59pm Saturday (the 30th). I will select and announce the winner next Sunday. This giveaway is open to everyone, so please enter!


  1. It looks lovely! I would love this veil since I'm just finishing a 15th century kirtle and I always seem to lack for things to do with my hair. I get too distracted by the next new project that I get too impatient to start in on the details that really make an outfit work. Hopefully that will slow down before too long :).

    I'm from Provo, UT and play in the SCA. I follow you on my google reader.

  2. To be totally honest, I'm torn about whether I would want to keep this for myself (finishing a Maciejowski style gown) or give it as a wedding gift to a friend who is also finishing a 14th century gown. Hmmm ...

    From a SCAdian in West Point, MS!

  3. I'm in Virginia Beach, VA and loath hemming so to have an already done veil drop from the sky would be a really lovely thing! A sort of miracle even!

  4. I'm up in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada). I would love to win this veil because I'm super new to the SCA. I don't currently have a veil... because I tried to make one out of the leftovers from my first (and currently only) under tunic. ... but it wasn't enough fabric!

  5. I am up in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. I would love the veil so that I can complete a proper wimple for my 14th century gown I am finishing. I am hoping to have something nice for Pennsic and making garb for the husband takes up most of my time now~

  6. Hi there! I'm in the Fraser Valley of BC, Canada (aka Lionsdale, Tir Righ, An Tir) and I would love to win something so lovely just to have it! LOL But also because my girls and I are working on getting back into SCA events and the first thing we needs is garb.

  7. hi there not sure if your willing to post to the other side of the world but if you are I'm in New Zealand. I would be really interested in hearing more about what you are doing for garb while pregnant as I have just found out I'm pregnant too and am not sure what to do about garb as I get bigger

  8. sorry did for garb i should check the dates on posts.