Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Garb Quest - Huvet Experiment no. 2

I cut a new piece with the measurements that included seam allowance and the extra 8cm at the bottom and had a much more successful result!

This is just stitched very roughly together without adding hems, but it obviously fits much better. I am seeing, however, that the 8cm gap may be too much for my head. I also think that a slight bit more of a curve at the center forehead is needed to get rid of the looseness around the face (though some of that will go away with the tension of the loop when that's added.) The curve was free-handed, but it's almost right. I'm thinking this one's a go, though, with those adjustments.

I'll need to toss it in the wash, however, as some fool left it sitting next to an orange crayon, and it does look an awful lot like a nice, clean, white piece of paper....

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