Monday, January 10, 2011

Garb Quest - Swatches

As promised, let me introduce you to My Garb Quest:

This shows the outfit as it will appear in the A&S entry (except for the apron). The colors are not finalized, however, but they are close to my idea. The key to success with any project is research, and I'm not just talking documentation. This is a major undertaking, and I can't afford to make a poor choice with materials and colors, so, since I'm waiting for books from the library for more research into the history of these items, I'm evaluating my material options.

I've got a lot of swatches I'm reviewing, with 2 more sets still on the way, to make sure that I'm getting exactly what I need. At the moment, I've got two blue wools in contention for the kirtle. One is a deep blue-green and the other is a traditional navy. I've also been looking at scarlet wools for the hood. Once I saw the larger swatch of the ginger linen, I decided it's not going to work for this project. Though it's a nice color, it's a bit too drab, especially next to the deep blue and bright red. I think a more gold-toned color is in order, but I haven't found one I like yet.

I also have samples of linen thread weights to make sure I know exactly what to expect when I order the spools. I'm glad I did, not because I changed my mind about the ones I wanted to order, but because I confirmed my choices. In other words, I realized I had a better sense of thread weights than I thought I did!

If all my swatches show up next week, I should be able to make a final decision by next Sunday then place an order for at least some of the materials (the thread definitely, since I can't start anything until I have that).

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