Friday, December 31, 2010


In 2011, I resolve to:
  • Update The Compleatly Dressed Anachronist more regularly. More specifically, to post at least once a week (probably Sundays).
  • Post more of the research and analysis of period clothing and accessories I've typically done "behind the scenes".
  • Include more information on the steps I take to complete my projects, creating less of an "after the fact" gallery and more of a garb diary.
  • Provide more regular "features" on a monthly basis. These include Image Analysis, Movie Review, Link Lists and more.
  • In general, post more images. With 3 young children, busy adults and lots going on at events, it can be difficult to get photos taken, but I feel that images of garb "in action" are much more inspiring than staged photos (be they posing at the event or staged at home). That's not to say there isn't a place for portrait-style photos, but I think I'm right in believing that most of you read this blog because of what I'm creating. It's important, therefore, to provide you with more images of the process, details, etc. than just a quick "oh, yeah, and here's me."
  • Include brief versions of my classes as I teach them. My class notes will still be housed on my website, but class "abstracts" will find a home here for quick reference.
  • Open commenting on certain entries (like this one). When I need feedback or when I'm looking for information, I'll enable commenting.

I'm excited for the next year in the Society. My new garb quest- to make a complete outfit for the 2012 Regional A & S Faire- is a challenge I have so far enjoyed taking on. Much of what I post in 2011 will be about the items I am creating for the quest, but it's an extensive list, with many varieties of items- garments, accessories, leatherwork, metalwork...the whole shebang. (I'll be posting more about that on Sunday, so stay tuned!)

I hope that my "blog-olutions" will not fail, and that that you will stick with me as I continue my endevour to become The Compleatly Dressed Anachronist!

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