Sunday, October 17, 2010

Black Linen Dress Re-fit Complete

It's not perfect, but the black linen dress re-fitting is now complete. In general it was not that difficult, but I think I rushed a bit too much and ended up creating a couple problems which I could only partially do anything about. Straightening the front, however, was very easy and worked just as I expected. I think I'll be doing straight front fitted dresses from now on.

So before I show you the result of the tailoring, let's start by looking at how the dress fit prior to any adjustments. (To see how it fit when I first made it, check out this post.)

Not very flattering, to say the least.

Just for fun, I went ahead and put my undergarments on as well to show you. On the left, I'm wearing my sleeveless linen smock, gray knit hose and new (made by Dearg) leather garters. On the right I've added my Saint Birgitta's Coif and a scarf.

Now for the finished dress! The lacing at the bust isn't as tight as it's supposed to be, so you can see the orange scarf through the lacing. The fitting also brought the dress back up to its original length (see the before image and note that the skirt touches the floor). On the right, you can see one of the problems I created when I took it in- wrinkles on the back. On the left, if you look at my left shoulder, you can see that I'm also having an issue with the neckline, which I opened up from the original. Something went weird when I cut it, and though I tried to correct it, the damage was done.

I need to make sure I position my bust properly to help the straight front do more of a lifting job, but overall the effect of minimizing my bust and belly was achieved. I had Dearg take some photos of the completed outfit, but I look very squat, so I'd rather not show them. I'll be sure to have someone take a few photos this weekend, however.

So, that's one dress re-fit project complete. I'll need to create my new fitted dress pattern before moving on to the other- my teal wool dress.

P.S. Truer words were never spoken.