Sunday, March 7, 2010

Catching Up

We had two events in a row, first Winter's End, then Ceilidh yesterday. Winter's End was a small local event, and we debuted Owen's late period garb.

I just wore my teal wool dress and black open hood.

I tried to get my black dress done for Ceilidh, but it just didn't happen. I still need to hem the skirt, add a few more lacing holes at the top, and then make the lacing.

I make four-strand finger loop braids for my dress lacing. I used these instructions to learn how to do it (I use the flat method, rather than the round, but I'm sure it doesn't matter). Because it's so easy to find a matching color to just about every fabric, I use DMC embroidery floss. Two skeins make a nice long cord. I unwind the entire skein, fold it in half and fold it in half again. Repeat with the other skein and that gives you four loops. Because it's so long, I don't try to use my foot. Instead I use my husband! He holds the knot end and after every "set" of loop exchanges, he pushes the braid tight (using whatever tool he has on hand, like a pen). He wraps the finished lacing around his hand as we go along, and I stop when it becomes difficult to do the braid anymore. I haven't measured the finished product, but it is quite long- perfect for a dress lacing. Dearg uses beeswax on the ends (cutting off the end knot) to create a fine somewhat stiff point to help the lacing. Beeswax is the only kind that works for this- regular candle wax just flakes off.

I didn't get any pictures at Ceilidh, but we all wore the same thing. I didn't wear my hood, though. I wore a veil/headwrap instead. I taught my veil class again, I think for the last time for a while. I've got a lot of other topics I'd like to teach classes on, and I've got some A&S projects in the lineup.