Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh January, where have you gone?

Wow. January kinda came and went, didn't it?

Pregnancy is really kicking my butt this time around. Apparently, I got off easy when I was pregnant the first time around - I didn't have morning sickness or rapid mood swings (until later), and though I had a few crummy days, they were few and far between. This time, not so much. So everything has pretty much been on hold.

My black linen dress is sewn together but it's missing sleeves, a hem and a neckline. I had hoped to have it done for the event this weekend, but that's barely a remote possibility at this point. I can wear my nice teal wool instead, though, so it's not too big of a deal.

Owen has a new late period outfit which we can't wait to show off. If he goes to the event this weekend, you can bet there will be plenty of photos to share.

So, the bottom line is: I'm still here, but until pregnancy starts to agree with me, I think I'd rather just sit here on the couch.