Sunday, June 7, 2009

Summer Events

Well, my dear readers, the summer event season is now upon us. There haven't been any local events for about a month now, so there hasn't really been much to do to share with you. Now that there are a few events coming up, however, I've got more on my plate.

First, I'll be teaching a new class next weekend at Push for Pennsic, called "What to do with a Veil". It will be a hands-on style class where I'll demonstrate and discuss some of the things you can do with a veil. It will include not just traditional veil styles, but headwraps as well.

Push is the first camping event of the season, and will be the first time we'll camp with Owen. I've got some work to do to get his garb ready. What I have for him doesn't quite fit anymore. I've also got to make a new shirt for Dearg. I think I'll use what I have left over from that to make a pair of pants for Owen. I've got to look at the fabric I've got and figure out what more I can do.

For myself, I'll be making a linen veil - partly for my class, but mainly because I don't already have one. That should be a pretty easy project. (Of course I probably just jinxed myself.) I'm working on a modern item at the moment- a hand bag- and if I can finish that and have it look the way I intended it to, that will give me a big boost of confidence in the sewing department.

I also need to fix the botched seam on my rust-colored dress. You may recall that I tried to take it in in a hurry before the last event and ended up getting a fold in the seam? Well, I haven't touched it since then. I'll need two outfits, one for Friday and one for Saturday, so, in addition to the rust dress, I'm thinking of doing some minor tailoring to my brown dress (old faithful). Despite having worn that one all last summer, it's still in good shape, it just needs a little help. And since the South Beach Diet didn't work for me :( I know it won't need to be taken in dramatically.

So, at the moment, here's what my project pile looks like:

Tunic for Dearg
Two new (or modified) outfits for Owen
Linen Veil
Fix rust dress
Take in brown dress

All before next weekend.