Friday, June 19, 2009

Carrysack and Project Adjustments

Sat down after work yesterday and whipped out the carrysack. It's a bit smaller than I intended, but it was a lot of fun to make and it looks great. There are a few things I'll do differently the next time, but overall I like it.

Today, I picked up some fabric for a new banner, a steuchlein veil and a new dress.

That's my ferret, Ellie, by the way.

Blue fabric wasn't on the list for projects, but I really liked it. So, I've switched things up a bit. Instead of doing the Durer dress in a wine color, I'll do that in the green. Then, I'll do the V-neck gown with the blue and the gold. I'll post more on that soon- I'm still trying to formulate the whole plan.

My heraldic colors are azure, argent and or- hence the repeated color-scheme in the fabric. I've always wanted to do a heraldic dress, but I like the idea of doing it subtly in a 15th century style, instead of the more obvious 14th century style.

Finally, I'm rethinking doing a smocked apron. I'm going to investigate some other apron options- whatever is more appropriate for 15th century. Something like this one (via Myra).

I'm hoping to make it over to my mom's to get the fitted pattern complete. I'll need it to make any new dresses, so the sooner I have it, the better!