Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fitted Dress Part One

Well, we started the fitted dress yesterday. It's just as I suspected- I have a much smaller mental image of myself and I'm not sure I like the way I look in the dress. Granted we've only just started the fitting; my breasts are supported but not shaped and we still need to determine the correct location of the flare in the front to be flattering to help contain my belly, which is still a bit flabby from having Owen. Right now it looks like I'm all breast on top- they're not lifted, just compressed. Imagine 44DDD breasts pressed up against a wall, and that's what's going on. We've fitted it pretty well in the back and lower sides, so it's around the arm that still needs attention. I'll try to remember the camera next time so I can post some photos.

I also picked up the fabric for Owen's new outfit. I ended up getting brown fleece because all the green and blue fleece they had was too bright or too fuzzy.

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