Saturday, May 24, 2008

Popular Working Headdress

I've been seeing this headdress around a lot lately. I had seen it originally last year when I read through the Compleat Anachronist #100, A Veiled Reference. They had used this period example as a basis, but I disagreed with their theory that the whole thing was just one long rectangle. I chose to create my version using two long limbs that overlap once in the back then looped up around the head and tucked securely in at the back. Then the front is folded back. I think I may have too much to fold back on mine, but it doesn't bother me enough to change it.

I spotted the same idea at Kingdom A&S, but there didn't appear to be any looping bands on that one- it was more of a coif with a folded back front. Somehow, she had the back fastened so that her hair was concealed- tucked up into it almost like a snood.

Matilda la Zouche created a version of it as well. Instead of limbs cut from the rectangle, she fastened two long bands to the base of a coif with a folded back front. The photos of her version are that the end of this page.

I like this headdress. It's extremely easy to put on and wear all day, and works with both short and long hair. The original (linked above) appears in The Romance of the Rose, a 14th century manuscript, so I wear it mostly with cotehardies. I would say that it's a working class headdress, which makes it perfect for those busy events. This is one that I hope I see a lot more of.

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