Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bigger head than I thought

So I worked on my Elizabethan cap at Coronation yesterday and got midway through it when it occurred to me that I had not double checked my sizing. Thus I ended up with something way too small. I completed it anyway, just to get an idea of how it goes together. Except for the size, it turned out nearly perfect. I had intended it to be reversible, but didn't pay attention to where my whip stitching was on the other side. Since it was too small to wear, I turned it into a pouch for holding some of my sewing supplies and tied it to my basket. Here are some photos:

Sewing the band onto the cap.

The band is sewn all the way around on one side; checking to see how it looks. This is when I realized it was too small. You can tell how windy it was by looking at the loose threads!

The completed cap; this shows where the band is stitched together. My hand shows the scale- clearly the cap is too small.

The cap turned into a pouch. I just cut two small slits on the inside band and pulled some seam-binding I had through it. I used some embroidery floss to stitch around the holes so they won't tear or fray. It's a bit big for a pouch, but there's nothing else the cap is good for! Now I know to sew the band into a hoop at the right size before I sew the circle to it. I'll also need to be more careful when I stitch the other side of the band to keep the whole thing reversible.

Garb-wise, I had the chance to wear viking garb for the first time in my nearly 12-year SCA career. My husband, Dearg, is researching a viking persona, and as Lutr and Tessa are both viking as well, it seemed appropriate that we go in viking. My mother, Elspeth, made all three outfits. She had the beads and belt all worked out, but I didn't have time, so I look a bit plain. I wore a different bra than I normally do, so my bust was well supported. My underdress and smock are modified to accommodate my growing belly, but the apron dress is cut fairly close. I was warm inside, but it was the perfect weight for when we sat outside. Here's a photo of the three of us:

I love the coifs mom made. She embroidered a modification of my device around the front edge (she did the same to hers). I had it tied back most of the day, especially when we were sitting in the wind while we watched the fighting. The photo is so bright you can't really tell, but my underdress is pink. Dearg and I matched- he wore brown and gray plaid pants. You can see that beads would have made a big difference to my dress, but all-in-all, I felt that I looked pretty good. The important thing is that I was comfortable.

So I've got a few weeks before the next event, Crown Tournament. I'll probably wear my fancier Burgundian on Saturday. We'll be bringing in a new member to our household, Clan Bredi. Then I'll wear my lighter Burgundian on Sunday. Between now and then, I'll try that cap again.

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