Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Game Plan

I got the pattern for my dress from my mom yesterday, and I've got all the materials for it ready to go.  So here's the plan:

1. Layout black and lavender linen together (one on top of the other).
2. Place pattern pieces and cut out sections.
3. Sew sections together (all seam allowances on the inside instead of encased between the layers).
4. Try on and adjust as needed.  I know from the teal dress that changes around the bust and along the lower back are needed.
5. Keep track of all adjustments and alter pattern as needed.
6. Re-sew seams as needed.
7. Flat-fell seam allowance on the inside to end up with black stripes on the lavender.  Why, you ask? In the end, I believe that this method will be easier to deal with, and I won't get a shifting of the inner layer and outer layer the way I do on my teal dress.  I have also seen this done by some other costumers, and do not mind the result.
8. Make some marks around the neckline of the dress to follow for hand embroidery.  I have two shades of purple and a dark gray pearl cotton for this.  I want it to be subtle and simple.  I haven't found a pattern yet, so that needs to happen before I get to this step.
9. Punch lacing holes and stitch eyelets.  I'll use my black silk thread for this.
10. Create black fingerloop braid lace.
11. Wear new black linen dress to Candlemas in February!

I'll also probably try to fit in the creation of a new 15th century headdress, 'cuz you know I don't have enough of those....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wow. It's almost a New Year.

Sorry I've been gone so long! The mundane things I had on my plate have actually taken more time and energy than I expected. I don't want to talk too much about it (I try to keep my mundane life separate from my SCA life), but if you're interested in what I've been up to, you can click here.

We skipped the event last weekend, so I've got no event news to share. I've got a couple of ideas for classes brewing, and I've got a plan to get my class notes and documentation online over the course of the next few months. I have some great step-by-step photos taken by my friend Lillian of all my veil styles that I'm eager to get together and show off.

Next on my plate, however, is the black linen dress. I'll be starting that immediately after Christmas (and my birthday- I turn the big 3-0 on the 26th!).

So, for the moment, I'm still laying low, but great things are ahead!

P.S. I just jumped over to this post on Racaire's blog- What a great idea! What an inspiration!